52 short-films coming from 27 countries at the Lebanon International short-films Festival


Lebanon International Short films Festival, in this 2017 Edition, will show 52 short films coming from 27 countries. The Festival will gather short films coming from the international Cinema professional community as well as from several universities with a programme that highlights the diversity of the proposals that filmmakers are currently making to the audience.
Animation, fiction and documentary films will be presented at Nabatiyeh and Tyre from 16 to 19 of December, with the attendance of filmmakers from India, Holland, Iran, Palestine, and Lebanon.
Kassem Istanbouli, the director of the Festival, outlines that this year the Festival will be hosted at public spaces in both cities, with the support of the Ministry of Education, the Association of traders of Nabatiyeh, and the municipalities of both cities. “We have the opportunity this year to bring very good quality short films from all over the world and to share them with our communities thanks to the support of  institutions of Lebanon, and this is very good news.”
Lebanon International Short films Festival
screenings will be hosted at the Secondary school of Tyre, South of Lebanon,  in which the Opening day will take place the 16th of December and at the Association of Traders of Nabatiyeh.
Kassem Istanbouli has been directing the Culture programme of activities developed at the Al Hamra Cinema of Tyre for two years, and at the Stars Cinema of Nabatiyeh for last year. Now he is engaged in the reopening of the Rivoli Cinema of Tyre to bring Tiro for Arts Association cultural proposal to the South of Lebanon.

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