Kate Winslet: I will still love acting when I'm 75


Kate Winslet said she loves her job as an actor and will continue to be attached to it even when she is as old as 75. The 42-year-old actor said it was surreal for her to believe the heights she has achieved as an artist in her 27- year-long career.
"I'm the most unlikely person to be in the position I'm in right now... I love this job. I love it more than ever, and I will still love it when I'm 75..." Winslet said. The Oscar-winning actor, who recently featured in Woody Allen's dramedy 'Wonder Wheel', said initially she was unsure about playing a bad mother, Ginny Rannell in the film.
"I just didn't think I knew how to play the part, I just didn't think I had the stuff to be able to do it. Everything Ginny feels is gigantic... She's an awful mother, and I don't like playing people who are bad mothers... ". "There were many, many reasons why I was nervous to play it because I felt like I could have got it wrong so easily," she said.

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