‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Netflix Release Date & What to Expect


The international Netflix phenomenon, Money Heist (also known as La Casa De Papel) was back for its fourth season on Netflix in early 2020 and will almost certainly be back for a fifth season. Here’s what we know so far about season 5 of Money Heist including what we can expect, when we can expect the release date and what else we know regarding the future.
Previously, the series has smashed most records with it holding the current record of being the most-watched non-English title on Netflix. Once again, the series smashed all records for season 4. Season 4 of Money Heist managed to rack up an incredible 65 million views. It also consistently ranked in the top 10s in many countries including those outside Spain.
As of May 29th 2020 the series was in India’s and the United Kingdom’s top 10. It only dropped out of Netflix ES on May 25th. The last time the series was in the United States’ top 10 was on April 27th, 2020.
Before we move onto the prospects of the fifth part, you will absolutely want to go and check out the accompanying documentary which released on April 3rd. It documents the meteoric rise of the series with guests including Ted Sarandos, much of the cast and the creators. It gave us some stunning insights including the fact the show was almost axed.
Has Money Heist been renewed for season 5?
Official Netflix renewal: not officially renewed but is renewed (last updated: 07/19/2020)
Officially the series has not yet been renewed but almost all signals point to a fifth part. Including multiple Spanish sources citing the series as renewed.
First up, the story isn’t over. As we’ll get into detail in just a second, the second heist has yet to conclude. That means we’ve still got at least one more season to tie up loose ends and hopefully see the gang escape.
Secondly, Alex Pina and his team of writers and directors have already said several times that there are plans for a fifth part.
In October 2019, we got word from several Spanish sources that the series fifth season had already begun pre-production.
tziar Ituño who plays Raquel Murillo has said (roughly translated): “we are shooting the fourth season and it hits me on the nose that it doesn’t end there.”
In May 2020 shortly after the release of White Lines, Pina spoke to Deadline, and yet again, all but confirmed the future of the series. The article states: “Season 5 is coming, but Pina could not confirm any further series because “Netflix will put a bomb in my house.’”
If pre-production has already begun, we’re expecting the series to have already started filming is set to start later in 2020. That was also predicted by the Spanish site, ForumlaTV. With the coronavirus outbreak hitting Spain just as hard as the rest of the world, any planned filming in Spring 2020 will have been canceled.
In May 2020, Deadline reported that the Spanish Film Commission had stated that filming would be allowed to continue from May 11th. With that said, filming will be at a slower pace than normal as the official rules for filming stipulate.
In July 2020, we were led to believe thanks to Vancouver Media (the production company behind Money Heist) posting pictures via Instagram that leads us to believe that production has started up but we’ve yet to have official confirmation that filming has started.
What to expect from season 5 of Money Heist?
Warning: spoilers for La Casa De Papel / Money Heist part three ahead!
Let’s quickly recap the events of part 4 and how it wrapped up. The heist is very much still on with Lisbon now joining the rest of the gang in the Bank of Spain.
The biggest challenge facing the gang is that The Professor is now the one who has been caught red-handed. With a gun to him, the series cuts to credits with a new rendition of Bella Caio.
There’s been plenty of theories on Alicia who has now gone rogue. Some on Reddit believe her pregnancy to be fake and others even believe she’s the ex-wife of Berlin who was introduced in the fourth season. Back in the bank, the gang now has to work on the final stages of the heist and begin their escape. We know the team is continuing in the basement to melt down the gold into small balls for extraction.
Of course, the big question that will come if the team does manage to escape is whether they can keep their freedom, unlike last time of course. Is it even possible for them to live normal lives? After all, all their identities are out in the open.
When will season 5 of Money Heist release on Netflix?
With an expected delay in filming, we’re probably going to see the series return at some point in 2021.
However, as per most Netflix Original projects, they’re currently on hold until the Coronavirus epidemic concludes. That could lead inevitably to a later release date.

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